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hi !

I'm a front-end develloper
and infographist,
feel free to contact me.

About me - 2015

2013 Graduated from graphic communication and web integrator school.

worked 3 years as apprentice infographist in a signaletic company.
ASG (Atelier de Sérigraphie et Gravure).

2009 Graduated from professional high school as graphic designer.

worked as an intern graphic designer.

2008 worked as an intern graphic designer.
OP Graphiste

worked as an intern infographist

2007 general certificate of secondary education.

Work on:

doc crea

Hi, my name is Ahmed.

paris fleche
This is the city i was born in, and basically learnt everything from life.
I enjoy animation and interactivity on websites, i also enjoy simples designs, flat designs, i worked for many magazines as an infographist, my studies was based on web integration and graphics designs. I work on many softwares, and basic web languages, they have all their particularity, i love the trickiness of javascript for example...
this is the team i support, yes i'm a great football/soccer fan, younger, i used to play every time, and was playing in a club as well.
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